Zoho Video Training

To make this easier to digest, being that Zoho is fairly robust, we are breaking Zoho into training modules. Each module will provide you with relevant content, and you and pick and chose modules to train on.

We do highly recommend that you tackle the list from top to bottom because each module builds on information learned in previous sessions. Each page will have a comments box at the bottom which you can drop questions and comments in and I will try to answer them there. This way the next viewer (who might have the same question) will be able to see our discussion.

  • Introduction to Zoho
  • Overview
  • The Home Page
  • Module 1 – Email, Chat – Communications
  • Module 2 – Leads
  • Mudule 3 – Contacts
  • Module 4 – Families
  • Module 5 – Documents
  • Module 6 – Policies
  • Module 7 – Reports
  • Module 8 – Campaigns
  • Module 9 – Activities
  • Using Zoho in the Field
  • Tying Zoho All Together

For all questions relating to Zoho functionality and/or training, please contact Todd Oldfield @ 859.654.0120 x1001 or by email to toldfield@coolinsurancegroup.com.

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